Wagtail’s dream


Wagtail’s dream


A fragile bird sits framed by three tender blossoms, caught in a moment of stillness with its gaze looking off into the distance frozen in a dreamy moment.

The viewer is invited to observe a special moment before this bird takes to the skies once again. Its simplicity is perfected in the balanced composition and variance of the flowers. Minimalist design shows elegance and natural appreciation for calming interior wall art design schemes.

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Milja Laine | Helsinki

Milja Laine is a Helsinki based illustrator and visual artist with degrees in ecology and visual arts, which explains why a nature connection is at the core of her artistic practices.

She works mainly with drawings, aquarelle, photography and collage.

She recurrently visits themes of vulnerability, otherness and impermanence, making poetic explorations on the interconnected and ephemeral nature of everything. Her personal projects often have a touch of surreal, yet she always delights in the beauty of the ordinary. Since 2012 her illustrations have been published in various nature sites, magazines and children’s books, and her artwork has also been on display in exhibitions all around Finland.