Welcome to the Machine


Welcome to the Machine


Another musically inspired piece. Artist Phil McKay embraces a massive admiration for Pink Floyd. He channels that passion to join with the medium of his original art; imagining  surrealist scenes  that could almost be pictured as album artwork, or wall art. The sci-fi or post apocalyptic encounter exudes drama and imagination for the future to come.This original piece combines elements of known and unknown in architectural structures but lack of faces.  Two suited figures shake hands in the vast bleak landscape, their business as unknown as their faces. Does their lack of identity speak to mystery or jaded normality? 

Limited Edition of 15 prints | Available 15 Prints
– Size of the work: 70x70cm / 27.5×27.5″

–  Giclée Fine Art Printing
– Medium options: Hahnemühle Fine Art paper print.

All Limited Edition artworks have a certificate of authenticity



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Philip Mckay | United Kingdom

Digital artist Phil Mckay has found international success starting his creative journey as a self taught artist from Liverpool, UK. His self described scenes of unreality and imaginary places come from a fusion of inspirations. Some of these influences include Belgian artist Magritte and  music album artist Storm Thorgerson, a reflection of his playful connection to music that continues to feed his creativity. McKays wild imagination continues to delight as book covers, exhibitions, and now original wall art.