Spring is in the air…and in the home: this summer change more than your wardrobe with ARVIVID´s seasonal art and prints.

The time is here when tennis shoes are being swapped for sandals and freckled shoulders emerging underneath cafe umbrellas and hitchhiker backpacks. Seasonal change is an exciting yet difficult transition even without the COVID- 19 pandemic-induced hesitation and social anxiety. Menus, fashion guides, and self-help articles begin to zone in on how to adjust to the new reality. We are here to add to the mix with what we know best: wall art. Amidst the spring cleaning, this can be a time to rejuvenate more than just your wardrobe. Refreshing wall art decor infuses our lifestyle with a new atmosphere accompanying the changes the season brings both externally and internally.

The beginning of summer and spring can be a nostalgic time with memories carried to us by humid breezes and barbecue aromas. Bringing these memories into the physical space through decoration can be an easy starting point to refresh your interior design from personal connection as well as aesthetic value.

Photographers in the ARVIVID global community capture life in moments and memories beyond their experience.

Photographer Maro seeks to share her international adventures through his beautiful natural shots.

racha-island-ARVIVID Frame Horizontal Blanco

Her photograph titled “Racha Island” presents a bright beach scene that would be hard for anyone to resist. Viewers of this office wall art are transported out of their cubicles to the calming white shores and turquoise waves. Maro’s work brightens spaces bringing memories of the beaches of the past, and the beaches to come in the next sunny chapter of life.


In addition to beautiful photography, ARVIVID’s online gallery contains paintings and illustrations that can boost the atmosphere of a space. The first emergence from winter brings a wave of energy, especially as the paused projects and plans during the past two years begin to flood from our dreams into our schedules.


Colombian artist Esteban Ocampo’s playful compositions seem to encapsulate the vibrance of all the textures, tastes, and sounds of the changing seasons.

This wall art piece titled “Dona Mordida” (“Bitten Doughnut” in English) is a feast for the eyes with its bright colours and recognizable shapes. The aerial perspective and absence of human figures speaks of promise and potential, whether splashing in the pool or playing sports on the hottest afternoon of the month. As viewers this artwork piece is satisfying to drink in, imagining yourself as the protagonist of the scene and the activity that might happen before and after the moment. The playful yet simple composition perfectly encapsulates that irresistible summer energy that brings an exciting decorative boost to interiors.

With all the energy and activity that the warm seasons bring, it can be difficult to slow down. Time seems to warp as the days begin to stretch marked by coffees and cocktails in the fading hours of morning and sunset. Wall art decor is the perfect silent accompaniment to embrace the stillness of time and draw us into the present moment. 

Collaborating artists such as the Spaniard Ana Thome are inspired by the environments around them translating their experiences into their work. Thome’s illustrations and designs reflect her artistic process of being present and appreciating the surrounding world. Pause” distills a moment of contemplation and self-care amidst the busy rhythms of life. The figure of a woman sits relaxing in the sun, enjoying the simplicity of life, as reflected in the graphic style with clean lines and neutral tones. The summery atmosphere infuses its viewers and the space it adorns with that gentle reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things.

As pandemic regulations begin to slacken and we begin to navigate our lives with the “new normal”, art could be the perfect companion to aid us along the way. Let creative offerings bring energy, calm, or the simple delight of beauty into your home or office. ARVIVID offers premium quality art prints that can reproduce work in bright and durable colours with the highest precision thanks to Giclée technology rendering great art that can last for generations. With help from our range of artwork pieces from photography to contemporary & abstract wall art, you are welcome to open the windows, crack the doors, and invite the warm months into your home and onto your walls.