Why do prints get such a bad rep? When it comes to displaying art in the home, we tend to envision the giant masterpieces, the dramatic original signatures, and the intricate brushstrokes stanchioned away from grubby fingers. The discussion of fine art culture could fill many books, and a few would even address the optimistic opportunities that the world of art prints now offers.

Easy and accessible

As a buyer, art prints are an easy solution that makes adding an artistic touch to the space more affordable. At the same time it allows you to continue to support the artists you love in keeping up with their work at perhaps a more accessible price point. ARVIVID’s online catalog is convenient to browse everything from photographic art prints to limited edition abstracts. All prints for sale come with options for sizing and framing making it even easier to find something that fits your space exactly. You can enjoy the works of well-known and emerging artists without having to be well-connected in the art world. In all aspects from shopping, shipping, and hanging, prints are a simple process to get art up and ready to enhance your space. Unlike with originals, you can even share that with others as art prints make excellent gifts!

For artists, prints represent uncapped opportunities in benefiting from their creativity and originality. An original painting can bring direct economic benefits to the artist only ONCE – in the primary market, and generally, artists don’t profit directly from secondary market transactions (collectors do). Prints give artists an opportunity to continue to monetize their talent and creations and most importantly, due to a lower price point, they can reach a wider audience, thereby building a wider recognition, contributing to the value of future creations.

ARVIVID helps artists do exactly that by sharing all their burdens, letting them do what they do best. Once selected, artists can expect their artworks to be carefully curated, published, marketed and fulfilled with the highest quality – and most importantly, artists define the pricing. We are here to create value for both artists and buyers, not to take it away. Other than reaching the wide public, ARVIVID is also expanding to B2B with prints, especially commercial projects, where volume is a major value driver, a perfect fit for the prints market. 


Affordable vs. low quality?

As a buyer, art prints offer a straight-up financially accessible way to start decorating with art. But a lower price does not mean lower quality. Printing has its own place in art history with the deep and highly interesting development of all kinds of methods each with its own quality and interest. ARVIVID’s fine art prints are made with giclee technology, a cutting-edge printing technique that best recreates the original vibrancy of artwork with precision three times more effective than a regular printer! We also consider medium a key component of artistic expression – that is why we use only premium fine art paper and Hahnemuhle grade photo art paper to conserve – to the greatest extent possible – the warmth and the texture of great art creations.

Attract the unlikely and grow a following

An online presence is pivotal for growing your name and means more consistent traffic for viewing your works. Distributing via online galleries offers a more accessible price point for diverse audiences to buy art prints. Interested buyers also have a consistent resource to keep up with your work and the potential to invest in larger pieces for the future. 

The Question of Uniqueness – Balance originality and practicality

That being said, in the print world, there is still enough variance to fulfill the desire for rarity with limited edition prints, or even distinctly unique prints using techniques or settings only once. These pieces will gain value over time making them a perfect way to start your personal collection of art. But prints are not just great for buyers. For artists, the benefits of art prints are even more vast.

As an artist, the pressure is on to find success, make sales, get commissions, and start making a name for yourself. But no one has time to go to every single local (let alone international) art fair selling their originals! Prints are a practical solution to start selling your art and get a consistent income flow. The more accessible price point does not eliminate options for unique prints. Options like original or limited-edition prints offer affordability with that one-of-a-kind edge. And there is more – ARVIVID, with its physical gallery in the city center of Madrid, showcases selected artworks represented online, covering from original pieces to limited and open edition prints. Going forward, ARVIVID will also invest in representing artists in  design and art fairs, ensuring an omnichannel presence of our artists, helping them grow and thrive.