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Yola Balanga – Ready to Fight

Ready to fight

By Yola Balanga

This series mentions the daily struggles that women face during motherhood. The machete, present in her hands in all the photos, symbolizes the colonial revolution in her country. They say that the colonizers were defeated with machetes. The titles of her work are inspired by the iconic phrases of political speeches. Yola Balanga wants to approach loneliness in maternity as an individual state of war; being with a machete while breastfeeding her daughter or her presence in collective places like the kitchen, beside the dining room table, trying to convey to the observer the constant state of a mother/woman.

2022 – Photography

Edition 1/5

42 x 29,7 cm | 1.3 x 0.97 ft


Yola Balanga


Yola Balanga (Luanda, Angola, 1994) lives and works in Luanda, Angola. She began her contact with art in theater and fashion, later graduating in Visual and Plastic Arts at the University of Luanda. With presentations of works in Madrid, Nigeria and Luanda, she uses art as an element of transcendence and as a tool for sociopolitical and cultural questioning. She often presents herself as a visual artist or transdisciplinary female artist but states that she prefers to present herself as a Performer since all her artistic practice always starts from there.

About this serie

It orbits around the daily struggles that women face during maternity. In historical context, the machete in my hands and present in all photos is a symbol of colonial revolution in her country. It tells the story that the colonizers were defeated with machetes, and the titles were inspired by the phrases icons of political speeches. Balanga seeks to address loneliness in motherhood as an individual state of war; being with a machete in bed, while I breastfeed my daughter, in collective places like the kitchen, and beside the dining table dinner. She tries to convey to the observer the constant state of a mother/woman.

Individual Exhibitions

2022 Quadros de Guerra, Corpos de Luto, Luanda

2020 Expanded Body, Performance as an element of transcendence.
2019 Ink house. Expanded body. La Nave Sánchez-Ubiria, Madrid – Spain

Collective Exhibitions

2021 Luanda Biennial 2021. 10/10 Performance with the European Union. Palace of
Iron, Luanda – Angola.
– Luanda Biennial 2021. Painting. São Miguel Fortress, History Museum Military, Luanda-Angola.
– ResiliArt Exhibition. Live performance. American School of Angola and UNESCO, Luanda- Angola
– Damn Globe VII. video performance. Hotel Globo, Luanda – Angola
– Tones in the Feminine. Chart. Oscar Ribas House Museum, Luanda – Angola.

2020 With Our Own Eyes. Painting – Abuja Digital Art Week. Abuya – Nigeria.
– Open Studion: Kimpa21 Residence- Criticism and Curatorship Laboratory and ELA-Space Luanda Art. Luanda Angola
– Damn Globe VI. Installation and Operation. Hotel Globe, Luanda-Angola.
“What future?” Table. Online www.plataformalacc.com . Luanda Angola.
– Nuances in the Feminine. Table. Rangel Cultural Center_ Njinga Mbande, Luanda- Angola.
– Hybrid Daughters. Installation/Painting. Sky One. Luanda- Angola.
– Here’s Africa. Vido_ Installation. New Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2019 Multicultural Exhibition. Performance. Skay One. Luanda- Angola.
– Open Studio: Luuanda Residence. Vido_ Yield. Barefoot. Luanda Angola.
– National Hall of Young Creators. Performance. House of Youth Viana, Luanda-Angola.
– Decolonial Performancelab performance show. Performance. Art and Culture Foundation, Luanda – Angola.
– Zero Year Paradigm: dawn the dawn of art as a form of resistance. Performance. Higher Institute of Arts, Luanda –Angola. 

2017 Volume 1.17: Archive of the Future. Performance. Higher Institute of Arts, Luanda-Angola.

2015 Happening. Higher Institute of Arts, Luanda –Angola.


2021 Resiliart. American Schools of Angola e UNESCO. Luanda –Angola

2021 Fuckin ́Globo VII. Luanda – Angola

2020 Kimpa21. Luanda – Angola

2019 Access, Residencia Luuanda. Colectivo Pés Descalços, Luanda- Angola

2019 Atelier Solar. Madrid- Espanha.


2022 Prince Claus Seed Awards

2019-actually Coordinator of the Unitel Art and Culture Workshop. Itinerary. Luanda Angola.

2021 Workshop 10/10 With the European Union. Concept exploration workshop. Living room
International Exhibitions – SIEXPO. Natural History Museum, Luanda –Angola.
Residencia de artistas ResiliArt. Escuela Americana de Angola y UNESCO, Luanda- Angola
FAOFEM’2021. Actuación en vivo. Academia BAI, Luanda – Angola2020-2021
Professora Substituta de Expressão Plástica. Colégio Crystal do talatona. Luanda –Angola.

2020 Women and their Expression in Art. Zé Du-Cazenga Media Library, Luanda –

2019 Coordinator of the activities of Espaço Luanda Arte-ELA. Space
Luanda Arts- ELA, Luanda – Angola.

2018 Monitor of the Aesthetic discipline. Higher Institute of Arts, Luanda-Angola.
Participation in the Panel: Identity and Culture. 4th Edition of the Conference ISARTES scientists. Luanda Angola.
Internship at Movart Gallery. Movart.2017 – Curricular Internship at the Complexo das Escolas de Arte-CEART. Luanda Angola.

2017 Panel Participation: The Importance of Research in the Process of Artistic creation. 3rd Edition of the ISARTES Scientific Conference. Luanda-Angola

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