Masterful painter and teacher, Paula Revigliono’s talent and energy pours into each of her fantastic pieces. Her journey as an artist started on a rainy day while traveling. Without the usual outdoor tours and walks available, she wandered inside a museum to peruse the sculpture display. The serendipitous discovery was an inspiration to paint with the memory of that first feeling of awe still pulsing.

Like that first encounter in the museum, Paula’s work depicts human scenes with stories and adventures to tell. Her technique and composition are characterized by the rich colors, movement of figures, and deliberate attention to empty space leaving some strokes and shapes unfinished. Those visual silences of her work are a balance to the bright color planes and invite connection with viewers to finish the forms in their own imagination. The expressive scenes are given a new perspective and life in this unique way. 

The Near Future” is a perfect example of that personal viewing experience. The minimal outlines depict a nostalgic scene at a crowded beach. The sensitive balance of empty spaces and bright colors creates an expressive and sensorial bustling atmosphere of sand and waves with leisure and ease instead of chaos. The extreme minimalism of “ Wowww!” delivers a different effect of drama and contemplation, a mysterious but striking piece to have in your space. Her spectrum of work is each a new experience, captivating and curious towards the nuances in individual interpretations.

Playfulness is a theme that carries into Revigliono’s process as well as her pieces. Since 2008 her art workshop has been one of the spaces to cultivate her passion. She recounts that this investigative attitude feeds her work and allows her to revisit that childhood state, an experience shared in each unique piece as well as her teaching. Away from the limitations and pressure of modern society, painting is a practice of letting things happen and learning from mistakes. While techniques and treatment of color and space are similar, different compositions such as seen in “Mardelsud II” and “Orange Day” offer a more tranquil and serene contemplation of color and nature. Her range of compositions is a testament to that boundless energy to continue exploring. The pleasure of finding what you enjoy can lead you to understand a little more of the present. Developing new techniques and experimentation not to mention tolerating the numerous frustration of the trade are what build an authentic and personal painting practice. Changing over time gives you the tools for a genuine expression.