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About Us

Hello, bonjour, salut, hola...

Welcome to ARVIVID. Global and united, we believe art is a universal language—one with an incredible power to spread ideas, create awareness and inspire social change! 

As a socially conscious online art & prints gallery, it’s our mission to connect buyers, sellers and NGOs, supporting our international communities through our love of art.

We make great art accessible to everyone: our curatorial vision embodies the refinement of a cosmopolitan gallery but with down-to-earth approachability.

The story of ARVIVID told by the founder

Living the Art //

the Art of Living

ARVIVID encapsulates the combined values of art, vivir (to live), and vividness. We celebrate the junction of these concepts in the dynamic experience of art in real space. Whether creator, buyer, or viewer, art is a vehicle that sharpens our creative and critical consciousness of the world around us. Art breathes life into your space allowing you to live vividly.

Our artists reflect all realms of mastery from the emerging photographer to the classically trained virtuoso. Our range of selected Open Edition Prints offers pieces to complement a cozy living room, modern hotel lobby, or inspiring workplace. Pieces are available as framed art prints or without frames in a variety of mediums according to preference. 

Original and limited-edition prints are also available as collectible, one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Connecting Art

Discover an online art gallery bridging the gap between artists, customers, and communities. Connect, explore, and support the vibrant world of art, all in one virtual space.


A space for creation


Unlock a world of opportunities for artists  - showcasing their work, gaining recognition, and reaching new markets.


We approach Art to customers.


Experience art at your fingertips with our online prints gallery, bringing the beauty and inspiration of artworks closer to people, individuals and organizations alike.


Art that unites us


Empower communities and NGOs through Art, raising awareness and funds through captivating art events.

We encourage everyone to seek out and savor all the life enriching moments that art has to offer.