About Us

Hello, bonjour, salut, hola...

Welcome to ARVIVID. Global and united, we believe art is a universal language—one with an incredible power to spread ideas, create awareness and
inspire social change! As a socially-conscious online art & prints gallery, it’s our mission to connect buyers, sellers and NGOs, supporting our international communities through our love of art.

ARVIVID has a strong focus on timeless urban spaces and contemporary photography and abstract art. 

 Artists reflect all realms of mastery- from the emerging Insta-famous photographer to the classically-trained virtuoso.

We make great art accessible to everyone: our curatorial vision embodies the refinement of a cosmopolitan gallery but with the down-to-earth approachability.

La historia de ARVIVID contada por su fundadora

Living the Art // the Art of Living

ARVIVID encapsulates the combined values of art, vivir (to live), and vividness. We celebrate the junction of these concepts in the dynamic experience of art in real space. Whether creation, buyer, or viewer, art is a vehicle that sharpens our creative and critical consciousness of the world around us. Whether at home or in a social environment, wall art and home decor breathe life into your space allowing you to live vividly.
Artists reflect all realms of mastery from the emerging amateur photographer to the classically trained virtuoso. Our range of selected works offers pieces to complement a cozy living room, modern hotel lobby, or inspiring workplace. Pieces are available as framed art prints or without frames in a variety of mediums according to preference. Original and limited edition prints are also available to make your space stand out with one-of-a-kind work. 

Rebeca Kung discovered the fullness of living with art and music at a young age – trained in classical piano and flute. Her studies in literature and linguistics and experience traveling around 40 countries around the world also fostered a love for visual arts. 

The creation of her own online art start up, following her career as a management consultant, was a belief in applying her acquired work experience and skills to that same nurtured passion for art. Rebeca saw the need to connect artists with interested buyers through efficient high-quality art reproduction and curated distribution. This makes the art world more accessible while fostering the transcendent quality of connecting communities through art. This is the vision of ARVIVID.

Behind the Frame

ARVIVID represents the intersectional connection art creates in more than its talented artists. From Rebeca’s dream has sprung a team of experts in art reproduction, curation, home decorating, and art trading – all united by the passion for art and its influence in creating and completing spaces. We work hard with the details of printing, marketing, and curation to maintain a high standard in our range and quality of work. Both artists and interested buyers can be assured pieces are printed true to quality and color and appreciated with thoughtful curation. 

Beyond the Frame

Part of Rebeca’s vision and value was not just to create an art business but to have an impact in the greater sphere. Art can and should speak for more than the transactional or aesthetic value. As a socially conscious online gallery, we appreciate and support all communities involved: unique international independent artists, decor-conscious buyers, and a growing network of NGOs. Our efforts are interwoven in the buying process as well as our external events and collaborations. Check out “Art for Good” to learn more about how your purchase or creation can be involved.