The Best Friend Harmony


The Best Friend Harmony


FUNDRAISING ART! 100% of the profits from the sale of this artwork before Nov 30, 2022 will to go support WWF Spain, who will issue a certificate for your purchase.

  • Hahnemüle Photo Rag Printing


This original photograph captures an exquisite moment as a close-up of a special encounter between a lizard and a snail. Textures and shapes meet and blend to form a harmonious whole highlighting the beauty of the unlikely friendship. The larger shell boasts a rainbow of colors, its fragile beauty mimicked in the smaller shell of the snail. The recurring texture and shape serve as a reminder that beauty in the small details is reflected in the beautiful whole. 

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Halil Andi | Indonesia

Halil Andi is a photographer and nature lover. His macro photography has won several international awards in places such as Turkey, China Spain, UAE, Argentina, and more.. Andi’s fascination with macro photography captures the fine details of nature. He is recently interested in the junction of macro and portrait photography, “With macro we can see details creature from God, we can see how beautiful small thing around us, unexpected moment from morning to night, it is unbelievable. God created living things from the big to the smallest for us to enjoy, through macro photography we can see unimaginable wonders.”


It has won “Siena International Photo Awards 2022” and the “Tokyo International Photo Awards 2019”.