The liberty


The liberty


This photo was taken by me in Sharjah. It looks like a lock that had been opened and the bird was flying”

This original wall art black & white photograph calls the viewer for a questioning second glace. A bird is silhouetted against the bright sky, its flight path suggested by the geometric architecture. The spiral structure catches the light as a ramp up in to the heavens. The composition could be an interpretation of freedom, flight, and release into the wild. 

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Sara Goli | Tehran

Sara Goli was born in 1989 in Tehran. From the age of 20, Goli started teaching English at different levels and at different ages, which she has been doing ever since. At first, photography was just a hobby, but after a while, due to her interest in details, she decided to choose a style and started working professionally.

She has a honorary diploma and ribbon iaap, honorary diploma from BnW minimalism magazine, photo printing in several magazines including 256 France and book of the year in Portugal.

“Im a minimalist and fine art photographer that im interested in streets, shadows, urban minimalist style spaces. I am a winner in sony 2021 awards”.

Winner of the Siena International Photo Awards 2022