ARVIVID-WWF Exhibition “Arte Salvaje”

ARVIVID & World Wildlife Fund Spain Photography Exhibition

Fundraising Sale - both ARVIVID and our artists are donating 100% of the profits to support WWF Spain

Arte Salvaje

Stunning artworks by international artists that fuses art and nature, including winning photographs from the 2022 ARVIVID-WWF International Photography Contest.

Visit award winning photographs and/or participate in the charity sale to support WWF’s work in Nature and Wildlife Conservation and fighting against Climate Change. Make an Impact, Protect Nature – with ART





  Pinar, 17, 28006 Madrid


From 9 to

31 July 2022

Conditions and receive news of my interest

Award Winning Photographs

Each purchase helps WWF and makes the world a better place. Each purchase lets the artists know that their talent is appreciated and their generocity reciprocated. ARVIVID, our artists community and World Wildlife Fund Spain THANK YOU for supporting this great cause. 

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Yung-sen Wu | WINNER | 9/10 POINTS

Wu Yung Sen is a 42-year-old Taiwanese photographer who currently resides in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He started diving in 2012 and, out of curiosity, took up underwater photography with a Sony compact camera (RX100) in 2013. Forming his own style he is now known for his art in macro, blackwater and wide angle shots. His journey has been as exciting as his dives, starting from a self-taught novice to passing on his skills, now conducting workshops through which he introduces underwater photography in a simple way to beginners.

#2 The Best Friend Harmony

Halil Andi | 8/10 POINTS

#3 Natural Circle

Zhiyue Shi | 8/10 POINTS

#4 Searching for food

Ananto Biswas Utshow | 7/10 POINTS

#5 Ivory on Black

George Wheelhouse | 7/10 POINTS

#6 Martín Pescador

Iñigo Yvorra Ruano | 6/10 POINTS

#7 Macro Rain Drop

Damjan | 5/10 POINTS

#8 Nature Depicting Nature

Amar Habeeb | 5/10 POINTS

#9 Sunset in Himalaya

Arturo Lopez | 5/10 POINTS

#10 Lions

Jenny Zhao | 5/10 POINTS

#11 River Dragging

Jibon Kumer Malaker | 5/10 POINTS

#12 Glimmers in the Dark

Justyna Fiałkowska | 5/10 POINTS

#13 Bald Eagle

Philipp Pilz | 5/10 POINTS

#15 Goodbye

Johnatan Tajes | 4/10 POINTS

Artwork donated by Invited Artist


Sustenance 5

Nadia de Lange


Female Power

Pedro Jarque

Iberian Lynx_Pedro Jarque

Iberian Lynx

Pedro Jarque


Mrvitze Bakovic


When I Look at You

Belén Muguiro



Belén Muguiro


Nerve 2

Marta Caldas

White Angel

Milja Laine

Green Memory

José Quintanilla